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Improve Speed and Accuracy with These Pill Counting Features

Published on: 05.10.2013

There is a reason the Torbal pharmacy scale lines are the best in the industry. These prescription scales have been utilized for over a hundred years and are recognized worldwide. Let us discuss the many pill counting features available on Torbal Scales which improve speed, accuracy, and sometimes both.

Features which improve speed:

  • Three - Step Pill Counting - Tare, scan, and pour.
  • Onscreen Instructions - No instructional guide required.     
  • Remaining to Fill Display - The constant number display      prevents overfilling.
  • Handheld Barcode Scanner with Automatic Activation -      Increases work speed by allowing your hands to be free. Also, reading      barcode labels is easier with the state-of-the art Laser scanner.
  • PS/2 External Keyboard Port - Connect any standard PC      keyboard to the pill counter for full alphanumeric keyboard entries.

Features that help with accuracy:

  • Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy - Users can adjust the      average piece weight during pill counting.
  • Counting Transaction Receipt Printing - Printable      detailed records (audit trail) for one or all counting transactions (which      works well with our miniature printer with a small footprint). Easily send      the table counting logs to a computer via the RS232 port and then transfer      them to data processing software.
  • 10,000 Drug Database Capacity - Store four parameters      for each of the 10,000 different drugs. Also, connect a PC keyboard for      alphanumeric entries.

Features which improve both speed and accuracy:

  • NDC Verification - Verifies that the supply bottle has      the same NDC Code as called for in the script label package.
  • NDC Data Entry Remainder - Maintains the Average Piece      Weight dictated by the user.
  • Drug Name Labeling - Enter new drug names via a      keyboard. The scale will then display the name and NDC number.
  • LOT Number Labeling - Enter the Lot Number of new drugs      via a keyboard.

These features are available on specific scale models. The DRX-300s /500s contains all of these amenities. The DRX-4C offers most of what you see here. The DRX-200 / 300, DRX-4C2 models provide a few of these luxuries. Contact us for more information about which Torbal scale fits your needs.

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All models are NTEP - certified as prescription scales with approved pill counting features, and meet handbook 44 requirements for a "Class A" prescription balance.

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All TORBAL DRX pharmacy scales are available for purchase by Federal Government institutions under GSA contract terms and conditions.

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