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Can a Pill Counting Scale Reduce Cross-Contamination Risks

Published on: 05.23.2013

Americans are increasing becoming more cognizant of cross-contamination related problems. This awareness partially comes on the heels of various headlines about contaminated drug recalls. The most recent headlines involving the topic, however, have to do with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s reaction to said incidents. In response to the recalls, the organization has created a list of best practices for those that deal with antibiotics.

The guidelines were released in late April 2013. They suggest that those involved with the manufacture and packaging of penicillin handle it separately from other drugs. Understandably, this has caused industry members to ask such questions as “Can a pill counting scale reduce cross-contamination risks?” In brief, the answer all depends on which pill counting scale is being used. For example, we here at Fulcrum, Inc. have been concerned about cross-contamination risks long before the headlines started. That’s why we made it a point to design our Torbal Pill Counting Scales in a way that eliminates the cross-contamination risk from occurring during the counting process.

Cross-contamination is typically caused by residue (i.e. pill dust) being transferred from one prescription to another through the air or surface contact. It may also occur when a pharmacist fails to accurately count and separate prescriptions or notice pill fragments. Our Torbal Pill Counting Scales’ high-tech design addresses all of those issues. It does so by employing a durable, closed cassette system that prevents the transfer of dust. In addition, we take meticulous care in constructing such elements as the counting scales’ metal housings, load cell, force motor, draft ring and suspension system. Afterward, the scales receive a NTEP certification.

Eliminating cross-contamination and accuracy issues are not the only benefits to utilizing Torbal Pill Counting Scales. They can also help reduce medication errors. For more information, contact us by calling 1-866-473-6900 or utilizing our website’s live help feature.

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