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How Pharmacy Weighing Could Have You Tipping the Scales in the Direction of Trouble

Published on: 12.02.2013

Pharmacies are falling short of the mark. A common problem in prescription pill counting is the failure to fill a prescription to its full amount. Shortages happen all of the time in pharmacy weighing, but overfilling a prescription happens too. In a shortage situation, the pharmacist simply hands over a few extra pills. On the other hand, there are serious consequences to overfilling a prescription.

Loss of money.

The obvious aftereffect of overfilling prescriptions is the loss of money. Depending on patients to do the right thing, notify you of any miscalculations, is of little use. You can't reuse the extra pills they were dispensed. What's worse is if they don't inform you of the error.

Legal trouble.

Having no way to prove where the pills went can get you into legal trouble. Accidentally getting labeled as a "pill mill" or a crooked pharmacist is embarrassing. Senators, such as Ron Grooms, and other authority figures are cracking down on such crimes, so it's better to avoid any negative attention.

Loss of a job.

A Washington pharmacist at Walgreen's was arrested recently after an audit revealed a significant number of pills were missing, such as oxycodone, hydromorphone and hyrocodone. The store’s loss prevention officer notified police as soon as he was aware of the situation. The accused pharmacist is being charged with larceny of a controlled dangerous substance.
A sure way to stay free from danger is by using the right pharmacy equipment. By using the most accurate pill counting machines not only are pharmacists guarded, but patients are out of harm's way as well. "More people are now dying from overdosing on their prescription painkillers than overdosing on heroin or cocaine, " wrote Maureen Hayden in a piece for
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