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The right medication counter eliminates cross contamination problems

Published on: 01.07.2014

Cross contamination is a problem that is experienced in a wide variety of industries. Did you know that restaurants even have to be careful about cross contamination when the employees are storing their own personal lunches in the refrigerator?

According to an article on, a California restaurant was penalized for allowing employees to store their lunches alongside the food that would later be prepared and served to customers. At first glance, it seems harmless, right? Food is food, and employee lunches are stored in bags, so there really shouldn't be a problem. However, according to the graders behind Restaurant Report Card, it's a big problem. Although the food was being stored in a type of bag or container, there was still a good chance the food would get mixed up with the items that belonged to the restaurant. Also, because the contents of each bag were a mystery, there was no telling whether or not the employees' meals really could contaminate the restaurant's food.

If cross contamination is a problem with restaurants and if it's a distinct possibility that they could be putting their customers' health at risk just by storing employee lunches beside the other food in the refrigerator, then it's easy to see how prevalent cross-contamination is in a pharmacy.

The right medication counter can ensure that your pharmacy maintains the highest standards when it comes to avoiding cross-contamination. An automated pill counter is designed to allow your staff to count pills by pouring directly into a bottle, instead of pouring them into a communal counting tray.

Counting trays are where most cross-contamination problems occur. They also can slow down the efficiency of your pharmacy tremendously, because of the need to clean them between each patient.

It's our goal to give your pharmacy the tools it needs to keep your patients safe and healthy. If you would like more information about our medication counters, or to place your order, contact us today.

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