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DRX-500s Cloud - How it works

Introducing the DRX-500s Cloud!

DRX-500s pill counting scale is one of the most affordable, accurate, and fastest pill counters on the market; and now the 500s is available with free access to the entire FDA National Drug Code directory, as well as a database of over 3,000 NDC piece weights.

The DRX-500s Cloud pill counter uses the internet to connect to an online application which is hosted on a premium dedicated web server. When purchasing a Torbal cloud pill counter, users are given access to a free private online account which monitors and tracks pill counting transactions. Each transaction is logged in the user’s secured privet account, while drug piece weights are retrieved from a public database which is frequently updated and expanded by all cloud users and subscribers. The Torbal Cloud uses advanced algorithms and software to monitor drug piece weights, updates, and newly added drugs to make sure that counts are always accurate.




Step-by-step, how it Works:

Easy setup

The DRX-500s cloud pill counters are plug-n-play. Once you receive your scale, simply set it up and plug it into the internet just like you would with your PC or Laptop. There is no complex network configuration or interfacing. As soon as you plug the pill counter into one of your network ports, it will connect to the Torbal Cloud and it will be ready for pill counting.

Ultrafast three step counting

Counting on the DRX-500s Cloud tablet counter is a fast and easy process that involves only three steps. A typical count is performed in less than 20 seconds. Counting a full supply bottle for inventory purposes, typically takes less than 10 seconds.



Counting Steps:

  1. Tare the vial or a disposable weighing boat – performing a short tare eliminates cross contamination and allows for maintenance-free use of our pill counters. Since pills never come in contact with any parts of the counting scale there is no need to perform tedious maintenance and cleaning that is often required on mechanical and optical counters.
  2. Scan the NDC located on the drug supply bottle – once the NDC is scanned, the scale uses your internet connection to retrieves the drug weight along with important drug data from the Torbal Cloud server. Since the database is updated by all Torbal subscribers you can be sure that the retrieved drug data is current and up to date.
  3. Fill the medication –perform the count by pouring the pills into the vial or a container on the pan. Pills are counted as fast as they are poured into the vial. Once you are finished with the count the transaction is automatically logged in your private online account.



Accessing your online account

Pharmacies that purchase the DRX-500s Cloud pill counting scale are set-up with a FREE private online account that can be access by logging-in at You can access your account from any PC, Laptop, or Tablet that has access to the internet. The account is secured with a 256-bit SSL Encryption.

Once logged in, users can view detailed reports and stats of all pill counting transactions performed on the counting scales. Reports show valuable information such as the name and ID of the user that performed the count, name and the quantity of the counted drug, as well as date time and location of the performed transaction.

All reports are intuitively organized and sorted in tables for quick viewing, printing, and exporting. Specialty reports track user caused miscounts or failed Rx Verification transactions, and most frequently counted drugs in the pharmacy.

Notifications, Alerts, and Auto E-mail Reporting

The Torbal Cloud automatically notifies account administrators via e-mail whenever a user causes a miscount or fails to perform Rx Verification. Reports can be automatically e-mailed to the administrators daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.




Database Access

When counting on a scale connected to the Torbal Cloud you receive access to one of the largest and most updated drug-piece-weight databases available. The database is built, supported, and updated by all Torbal Cloud subscribers; therefore, you get instant access to drug piece weights uploaded by others. Updating is almost unnoticeable as the maintenance load is shared by all users and subscribers. When connected to the cloud you can be sure that your counts will be fast, accurate and essentially maintenance free.

Torbal Cloud FAQs:

Can other cloud subscribers see the reports or logs of pill counting transactions that I performed?

NO! Each subscriber is setup with its own highly secured TORBAL CLOUD online account. Accessing your online account is similar to accessing you webmail. Once you login with your own username and password you see only your own activity.

How often do I have to update the drug piece weights in the database?

Since drug updating is a shared activity the number of times any one member is called upon to update a drug APW is nominal. It is important that you understand that you will only be called upon to update a drug APW when you are actually filling a script for that exact drug, therefore you will never be asked to update a drug that is not in your active formulary.

Do I need to perform backups on of my account?

No! Backups are performed automatically every 24h by the TORBAL cloud server.

Is the DRX-500s Cloud available with a wireless Wi-Fi Connections?

Unfortunately there are no WiFi versions of the TORBAL cloud currently available. We are diligently working on releasing a wireless version of the TORBAL Cloud pill counter so please check back as often as possible. In the meantime please contact our technicians to learn how you can equip your pill counting scale with a wireless access point.

Can I opt out of using drug weight data set by other cloud subscribers?

Yes, you can configure your online cloud account to use drug data set only by yourself. Opting out of a shared database will increase the update frequency of the drug weights.

How many DRX-500s tablet counters can I connect to TORBAL CLOUD ACCOUNT?

As many as you need! There is no limit on the number of scales a single account can service.

Do I have to notify TORBAL prior to purchasing a new DRX-500s Cloud pill counter?

Yes. Before the tablet counter can connect to your Torbal cloud account it must be activated by our technicians.

Can I connect DRX-500s pill counter from different locations to the same account?

Yes. A TORBAL tablet counter can be connected from anywhere in the world as long as it is connected to the internet

Do I need support during setup?

No the DRX500s Cloud is as easy as plug and play!  Torbal configures the scale's network connection in advance.  We simply ask you to enter your User ID and password (provided by Torbal) into the administrative panel to activate the account and gain access to the cloud network.

What if the internet goes out?

Unfortunately the 500s Cloud requires an internet connection to access the cloud network, including the piece weight database.  Howeverthe scale can temporarily be switched to a standalone version (Offline Mode) so that pill/tablet counts can still be performed.

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All models are NTEP - certified as prescription scales with approved pill counting features, and meet handbook 44 requirements for a "Class A" prescription balance.

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All TORBAL DRX pharmacy scales are available for purchase by Federal Government institutions under GSA contract terms and conditions.

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