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Why Does Pharma Want to Put Sensors in This Blockbuster Drug?

Remember when you were little and would do anything to avoid taking your medicine? No matter how much convincing your mom did, you knew it doesn't really taste like cherries. And, you knew that by the...

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IBM Watson, CVS deal: How the smartest computer on earth could shake up health care for 70m pharmacy customers

International technology  company IBM has partnered with CVS to create an artificial intelligence program called Watson. Watson is meant to monitor patients' health and determine how effective th...

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CVS Pharmacy Chain Buys Target Pharmacies

The blockbuster news in the pharmacy world is that, once the Federal Trade Commission approves the final sale, CVS is buying Target's pharmacy business. And it is a really big deal: Target ran 1,...

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Healthful Habits to Induce Sleep without the Use of Pills

Falling asleep is something that should come easily to everyone, but that is not always the case. Some people struggle with insomnia for a good portion of their lives, while others just struggle for a...

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10 Most Common Medical Errors

Unfortunately, medical errors have become a common part of the human experience. However, there are numerous procedures being put in place that help avoid most of these common mistakes. If you are a p...

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Pharmacy Scales Walter White Should Have Used

As Breaking Bad came to an end this year, millions of viewers mourned the loss of Walter White and the end to an epic television series. Many avidly watched Walter’s journey from a terminally il...

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The right medication counter eliminates cross contamination problems

Cross contamination is a problem that is experienced in a wide variety of industries. Did you know that restaurants even have to be careful about cross contamination when the employees are storing the...

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How to Count Pills in Less Time

"Time is Money." Actually, time is time and you use it to make money, but that's not very catchy! The point is, you want to save time, and you can learn how to count pills in less time--and that's ple...

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How Pharmacy Weighing Could Have You Tipping the Scales in the Direction of Trouble

Pharmacies are falling short of the mark. A common problem in prescription pill counting is the failure to fill a prescription to its full amount. Shortages happen all of the time in pharmacy weighing...

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Are Your Techs too Busy to Avoid Drug Cross Contamination?

Drug cross contamination is a huge concern for pharmacists, drug manufacturers and clinics that disperse medications. Medical experts know quite well that drugs that come in contact with other drugs c...

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How is a pill counter tray cleaned in a pharmacy?

Anyone who has ever opened a pill bottle has probably seen the residue that the pills leave behind lurking at the bottom. This residue is a major problem for pharmacies, because it's not only present...

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The Importance of a Medical Crisis Plan featuring Outstanding Pharmacy Equipment

The epidemic of patient harm in hospitals is spreading. A new study, in the Journal of Patient Safety, reports that patient deaths due to preventable adverse events number in the hundreds of thousands...

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Save Patients' Lives with the Right Pharmacist Scale

Medication errors are a daily occurrence. Simple mistakes can have devastating consequences, for instance filling a prescription with the wrong dosage amount. Accidentally giving a patient 10.0 mgs of...

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Going Off the Deep End: Antibiotics and Other Medical Compounds Found in the Sea

The world's oceans are still a great mystery with the almost infinite variety of life forms and environments that abide there. Researchers are exploring various bodies of water hoping to unearth groun...

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Swiss Cheese Stinks: Ethics in the Age of Leading-edge Technology

The increased use of medical devices in all aspects of medicine has presented ethical challenges. Harm is rarely caused by actual negligence. The vast majority of cases involve what is known as the "...

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Prescription Digital Balance Weighs in: New Drugs Helping Skin Cancer Patients

Cancer research has made significant progress recently. Scientists in the UK captured the clearest snapshot of how white blood immune cells attack viral infections and tumors. With the help of a presc...

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A Reliable Pill Counting Scale is Just what you Need

Do you have any of those incredibly impatient folks, in need of a refill, waiting in line at your counter? Than a prescription digital balance may be exactly what you need.We know what it is like when...

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Eliminate Human Error with a Pill Counting Scale

In every profession, the potential for human error exists to some degree.  No matter how well-trained and experienced pharmacists are, it’s always possible for a slight slip-up to happen.&...

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3 Ways Pill Counters Create a More Efficient Pharmacy

As the manager of a pharmacy, you understand that there are times when your pharmacy technicians are extremely busy. Your customers are all very important to you, and they all have varying needs. Whil...

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Proposed Legislation Targets Specialized Compounding Pharmacies

As reported by the Washington Post recently, the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, approved a bill that would define a new category of regulation by the Food and Drug Admin...

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Can a Pill Counting Scale Reduce Cross-Contamination Risks

Americans are increasing becoming more cognizant of cross-contamination related problems. This awareness partially comes on the heels of various headlines about contaminated drug recalls. The mos...

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Legal for Trade Scales: Weighing the Possibilities

From food to pharmaceuticals, if you're selling a product by weight, you must use a legal for trade scale that's certified by the NTEP. Not doing so puts you in violation of the law. Since the laws co...

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Improve Speed and Accuracy with These Pill Counting Features

There is a reason the Torbal pharmacy scale lines are the best in the industry. These prescription scales have been utilized for over a hundred years and are recognized worldwide. Let us discuss the m...

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All TORBAL DRX pharmacy scales are available for purchase by Federal Government institutions under GSA contract terms and conditions.

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