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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all DRX TORBAL pill counting scales appropriate for use in a pharmacy?

TORBAL DRX pharmacy scales have been manufactured specifically for prescription weighing for almost 100 years and today we continue this tradition through our entire line of next generation TORBAL DRX pharmacy balances. Whether it is our mechanical balance or one of our digital scales, you can be sure that it has been designed specifically for use in a pharmacy and that it has been certified by the National Type Evaluation Program. All TORBAL DRX pharmacy balance can be used for prescription weighing and pill counting in all 50 states.

2. Where can I obtain the NTEP Certificate of Conformance for my DRX model?

All NTEP Certificates are available for download in a PDF format on this website. You can also search a database provided by the NTEP on their website.

3. Why do I need a pharmacy scale that has been NTEP certified?

Weighing and pill counting in a pharmacy are "legal for trade" applications; therefore, only NTEP certified scales and balances are suitable for use in a pharmacy.

4. Are all TORBAL DRX scales pill counters?

Most of our digital scales are equipped with pill counting features, although models such as the DRX-500s and the DRX-4C are specifically designed to function as pill counters and are used in pharmacy automation.

5. Are the DRX-4C and the DRX-500s furnished with a pre loaded database?

To provide the Pharmacist with greater control over the drug data, and to keep a low cost of our pill counters, we don't offer a preloaded database. You simply build your own database as you use the scales - after all, the data is at your fingertips, why should you pay for it.

6. How long does it take to build a database?

Usually a database of most popular drugs is created in just fee weeks. Often this time period is reduced in high volume pharmacies.

7. What is the best way to get starter and create the database?

Simply start using your pill counting scale. It is not necessary (nor recommended) to create the database prior to using the scale. The unit is designed to memorize drug data as you perform counting during prescription filling.

8. What is the accuracy of TORBAL pill counting scales?

TORBAL pill counting scales are designed to comply with all specifications, tolerances, requirements, and recommendation listed Publication 14 and NIST Handbook 44, Section: T.N.3.10. "T.N.3.10. Prescription Scales with a Counting Feature. - In addition to Table 6 Maintenance Tolerances (for weight), the indicated piece count value computed by a Class I or Class II prescription scale counting feature shall comply with the tolerances in Table T.N.3.10.faq8.png

9. Is Rx Verification available on all TORBAL pill counting scales?

Rx and NDC Verification feature is available only on models that are furnished with barcode scanners such as the DRX-4C and the DRX-500s.

10. I do not have an NDC number printed on the prescription label, can I still use verification feature?

No, you must have the NDC number printed on the prescription label. The features compares the NDC number found on the supply bottle to the NDC number printed on the patient's prescription label.

11. How can I get the NDC number to appear on the patient prescription label?

Most pharmacy management software packages will allow you to add the NDC number to the label. If you do not know how to customize your label, contact you software provider. Usually this is something that can be resolved in a matter of minutes.

12. I have an NDC number barcode on my label, but after I scan it an NDC error is displayed?

The NDC barcode on the label must be 10 or 11 digits (11 when padded with a 0). Some programs may add an additional character such as a prefix or a suffix; this usually causes an error during verification. This also can be easily resolved by your software provider's technical support.

13. How often do I need to calibrate my pill counting scale?

DRX-5 series scales are equipped with automatic internal calibration; therefore, you do not need to worry about calibrating them with an external weight. Calibration on the DRX-5 series units is performed automatically. DRX-4 series scales should be periodically calibrated with a precision calibration weight.

14. Do I need to disassemble and perform end of day cleaning in the DRX pill counter?

NO the TORBAL DRX pill counters do not have to be cleaned at the end of the day. Since pill are poured directly into the vial the unit does not become contaminated with pill dust and therefore it does not need to be disassembled and cleaned.

15. Can I get a free trial to test the TORBAL pill counter before I purchase it?

We do not offer free trials on TORBAL pill counters. Our models are very straight forward, intuitive, and very affordable. There are no gimmicks or catches; we do everything as we say. We strongly encourage you to see a video of our pill counters, it is a in-depth illustration of our pill counters. To request a free DVD of the demo please call 1-866-473-6900.

16. How can I purchase a TORBAL pill counter?

To purchase our pill counter and pharmacy compounding scales please contact out sales representatives at 1-866-473-6900.

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NTEP Certifications


All models are NTEP - certified as prescription scales with approved pill counting features, and meet handbook 44 requirements for a "Class A" prescription balance.

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All TORBAL DRX pharmacy scales are available for purchase by Federal Government institutions under GSA contract terms and conditions.

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