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Pharmacy automation, pill & tablet counters, pharmacy scales, and prescription balances

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Popular Pill Counter

DRX-4C Standalone Pill Counter

DRX-4C Standalone Pill Counter
  • Rx Verification
  • Fast Direct Vial Filling
  • No Cross-Contamination
  • No frequent Cleaning Required
  • Count pills of any shape including gel-caps
  • 3,000 Drug Database Capacity
  • NTEP Certified
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DRX-4C2 Basic Pill Counter

DRX-4C2 Basic Pill Counter
  • Designed for basic pill counting.
  • Excellent price to performance ratio
  • Ideal for compounding.
  • Recipe Receipt Printing
  • Standard RS232 port
  • NTEP Certified
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DRX-500s Standalone Pill Counter

DRX-500s Standalone Pill Counter
  • Rx Verification with Fast Direct Vial Filling
  • No Cross-Contamination
  • No Cleaning Required, Maintenance Free
  • 10,000 Drug Database Capacity
  • NTEP Certified
  • Automatic Internal Calibration
  • 9 Pill Counting Features, 7 Compounding Features
  • Onscreen Instructions
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DRX-500sx System Pill Counter

DRX-500sx System Pill Counter
  • Counts 100 tablets in less than 20 seconds
  • Fast 3 step Counting with direct Vial Filling
  • WiFi and Network Ready
  • Automatic E-mail Reporting
  • Counting Transaction & Activity Monitoring
  • E-mail Alerts for Failed Rx Verifications
  • Preloaded NDC directory with full drug info
  • Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy (APA)
  • Quick User Barcode login
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Special Features

High-speed Counting with Direct Vial Filling

Counting on the DRX-500s Pill Counter is performed in three ease steps. A typical prescription is counted in less than 20 seconds. Cross contamination is avoided by filling pills directly into the vial.

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Rx NDC Verification

DRX pill counters are equipped with NDC validation which assures operators that counted prescriptions are filled for intended patients. Before the count is started the features compares stock bottle NDC to the prescription label barcodes.

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APA - Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy

This patent pending technology is available only on TORBAL pill counters. APA is an advance pill counting algorithm which delivers one of the most accurate counting results available one the market.

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Pill Fragment Detection

PFD detects pill fragments or broken pills. The feature sounds an alarm, alerting the operator that a possible pill fragment may have been placed into patients vial.

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Automatic E-mail Reporting

TORBAL CLOUD and 5SX system based pill counters automatically produce and e-mail transaction reports to pharmacy administrators. Reports include pill counting details such as date, time, count, user identification, and much more.

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Instant E-mail Alerts

Pharmacy administrators are instantly notified via e-mail whenever a user miscount occurs. The TORBAL CLOUD system also notifies administrators of failed NDC validation transactions.

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No Cross-Contamination

When counting on a DRX pill counter, dangerous Cross-Contamination is avoided and eliminated by filling pills directly into patient vial or a disposable weighing boat.

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No Cleaning

TORBAL tablet counters do not require any cleaning or disassembly. Pills and tablets never come in direct contact with any parts of the unit, therefore cleaning is not necessary.

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Customer Testimonials

Rick C. R.Ph. Cadiz, Kentucky

These scales are one of the best pieces of equipment we have had in our pharmacy. They improve our accuracy in count and drug selection. Because they provide this we are able to train new techs more quickly. We are also less mentally tired from not counting pills all day, which also helps with accuracy. I believe these scales are well worth the price.

Dr. Samuel H. San Francisco, California

The Torbal DRX-4C Scale was very user friendly. As a matter of fact, we purchased a second one within a few months of the first purchase. The set up was easy and there was almost no maintenance at all. It has helped us to increase our efficiency and customer satisfaction by keeping up the turn-around time. I am very happy with the product and service provided by the company. If you are looking for a digital scale, I would recommend Torbal DRX-4C scale anytime.

Cody L. Pharmacy CEO, Lehi, Utah

I researched prices and functionality of many scales and the DRX-4C was the best. I have been happy with this scale. I would definitely do business with Torbal again.

Asmitaben P. Pharmacy Owner, Mount Morris, Michigan

Ever since we purchased the DRX-4C all my techs started to enjoy filling prescriptions. It also helps with verification. We can just dump 200 or 300 pills of narcotics into the container instead of wasting time on counting with a tray. It saves lots of time during monthly and yearly inventory counts. If you don’t have one, we recommend you get one, we do more than 400 scripts per day, and since we purchased this product the work flow has become much smoother.

Nadine T. Director of Pharmacy, Lakewood, New Jersey

The Torbal electronic prescription balance that we purchased is better than any manual prescription balance that we’ve ever used. In addition to weighing our prescribed amounts of ingredient for compounding, the added value of being able to count pills with a scale makes it an incredible tool. Inventory is now completed without the need for a pill counter, and the possibility of error one might incur in the process. The scanning/barcoding feature is an excellent function that acts as a second check when only one pharmacist is working.

Apothecary Shoppe, Inc. Dave W. CFO

We were looking for a combination compounding scale and pill counter and the DRX300 was ideal.  Customer service was knowledgeable and efficient.  The scale was promptly sent and was extremely well packaged, arriving in excellent condition…We have been extremely satisfied with the product and the service provided.

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Services & Support

NTEP Certifications


All models are NTEP - certified as prescription scales with approved pill counting features, and meet handbook 44 requirements for a "Class A" prescription balance.

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General Services Administration


All TORBAL DRX pharmacy scales are available for purchase by Federal Government institutions under GSA contract terms and conditions.

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