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A Reliable Pill Counting Scale is Just what you Need

Published on: 07.29.2013

Do you have any of those incredibly impatient folks, in need of a refill, waiting in line at your counter? Than a prescription digital balance may be exactly what you need.

We know what it is like when you have to try to count pills and you are getting the stink eye from John Doe waiting in line to get their prescription filled. What do you mean you are not a machine like the terminator? You mean you don't function at lighting fast speeds. We understand and we we are here to help.

With many options to choose from, our pill counting scales get the job done quickly, no more than 20 seconds, and accurately the first time. With no cleaning and no risk of cross contamination, the amount of time waiting in line to get prescriptions filled will no longer be the topic of choice over morning coffee. Rather it will be the nieghbors dog doing its business where it doesn't belong.

We offer many different products, from pill counting scales, to Rx verification barcode scanners. With the help of our products, you will get your customers back to their daily lives faster than ever. Instead of the stink eye you will be getting that month old piece of candy in John Doe's pocket.  

Please visit our website at to view our latest products. Please watch the available demo and if you still have questions, talk to one of our live representitives. If you have any questions please contact us.

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NTEP Certifications


All models are NTEP - certified as prescription scales with approved pill counting features, and meet handbook 44 requirements for a "Class A" prescription balance.

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General Services Administration


All TORBAL DRX pharmacy scales are available for purchase by Federal Government institutions under GSA contract terms and conditions.

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