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Pharmacy Scales Walter White Should Have Used

Published on: 01.14.2014

As Breaking Bad came to an end this year, millions of viewers mourned the loss of Walter White and the end to an epic television series. Many avidly watched Walter’s journey from a terminally ill and depressed chemistry teacher into a murderous and villainous meth fabricator. A part of Breaking Bad’s success was its very close attention to detail and accuracy. In fact, The New Yorker deemed its portrayal of the meth market and trade to be “uncannily accurate.” That being said, there is at least one part of Walter White’s manufacturing of Methamphetamine that could have been improved—his pharmacy scale.

The show’s creators did not take into consideration the importance of a precise, accurate and top-performing scale when they chose what meth-creating tools Walter White would use in the series. If only he had used a scale such as one created by Torbal, he would have been able to make his operation run faster and smoother, which would have increased his profits considerably. Below is a list of the pharmacy scales that would have made Walter White more accurate and faster at his operation.

The DRX-4 is created by Torbal, a company that only uses the highest quality in materials in order to create incredibly precise scales. Walter White would have benefited greatly from using this scale with its innovative electromagnetic load cell, which gives it excellent stability and accuracy. Although the DRX-4 was designed for pharmacies, Walter would have found great use for it, especially with its 1-milligram resolution. This accuracy would have allowed him to be very precise in his meth production.


Walter White would have found the DRX-4C2 created by Torbal to be incredibly user-friendly and simple to use, which would have allowed him to quickly get through the measurement of the ingredients needed to create meth. For example, the very straightforward pill counter feature of the DRX-4C2 would have allowed him to easily count the precise amount of cold medicine pills needed for his meth product. Walter would have found the DRX-4C2 to be a scale that would have made his production even more efficient with its extremely precise reading and compact design. Walter needed a very accurate scale for his fabrication of meth, and so the DRX-4C2 pharmaceutical scale would have been a great asset to him.


Another pharmacy scale created by Torbal, DRX-200 is extremely precise and comes with a simple pill counter feature, something that comes in handy for any small volume operation. This makes it perfect for Walter White’s meth manufacturing. Not only could Walter be sure that his meth was being manufactured with an accurate amount of ingredients, but he could also do it extremely quickly, allowing him to tighten his operations. Walter may have also found the onscreen instructions as well as the Automatic Internal Calibration of this scale vey useful, as it increases the intuitiveness of its use.


This pharmaceutical balance would have met and even exceeded Walter White’s standards. Torbal’s DRX-3 is a very elegant machine that is classically built. It would have fit right in with Walter White’s other meth manufacturing tools. Because Walter isn’t exactly creating his meth in a pristine laboratory, he would find the DRX-3’s resistance to dust and dirt to be very beneficial. This sturdy scale would have outlasted him with its long-lasting and maintenance-free use. It has many applications and is ideal for almost any situation, including the creation of methamphetamine.


Walter would have found the DRX500 Cloud to be a meth-maker’s dream as it is a top of the line pill counter that is immensely powerful and accurate. He would have also enjoyed the fact that he wouldn’t have had to break the bank to purchase it, as it is quite affordable. The DRX500 CLOUD uses innovative technology to connect to a server through the Internet in order to obtain the most accurate drug information. Walter would have found a way to stay very organized with this counter, as it also is able to record all pill counting transactions made on it.


The DRX500 is one of Torbal’s most advanced pill counters, which would have given Walter White a great advantage over his competitors. He would have found DRX500’s maintenance free approach to pill counting to be very advantageous for his line of work. Not only that, but its extensive drug database capacity would have ensured that Walter was informed and up to date on all of the ingredients needed to create his meth product.

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