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Prescription Digital Balance Weighs in: New Drugs Helping Skin Cancer Patients

Published on: 08.08.2013

Cancer research has made significant progress recently. Scientists in the UK captured the clearest snapshot of how white blood immune cells attack viral infections and tumors. With the help of a prescription digital balance, new drugs (like vemurafenib) and newly-formed drug combinations are being developed to help prolong skin cancer patients' lives. 

"Although these drugs do not cure skin cancers, they can give patients with advanced melanoma valuable extra months and show the progress we are making." -Professor Richard Marais, More people beating skin cancer - UK report

These advanced drugs work by blocking the signalling pathways that cause cells to malfunction and make tumors grow and spread. It's been reported that around 100 new drugs, as well as unfamiliar combinations of drugs, are being developed to treat melanoma. Brian Nickoloff, director of a dermatology and cutaneous sciences division at Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine, said in this article, "I've been doing this for 30 years, and now is by any measure the most exciting time for melanoma research."

According to a study, in the journal Annals of Oncology, people with a family history of cancer have an increased risk of developing not only the same cancer, but other types as well. The researchers explain that this study could be due to shared habits among family members, such as smoking and drinking. However, genetic factors also play a major part in the development of cancer in multiple areas of the body.

A prescription digital balance is helpful in performing repeated actions. These new pills and combinations of drugs can be easily weighed in succession with precision. Contact us to learn more about pharmacy scales, prescription compounding, and more.

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